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Bronco Shop announces new director

Michael Jarolimek

Michael Jarolimek has been appointed the new director of Boise State’s Bronco Shop. Jarolimek has a strong connection and history with the Bronco Shop, having started as a buyer in 2015 and most recently serving as an associate director.

“I am thrilled to be stepping into this position,” said Jarolimek. “The Bronco Shop is one of the few remaining independent college bookstores in the state and I am dedicated to expanding the overall value this brings to Boise State.”

Jarolimek’s vision as director is for the Bronco Shop to emphasizes both affordability and accessibility, a continuation of work he has done at Boise State for years. In his time at the university he has worked to lower prices and make the course materials department a zero-profit service, while also introducing affordability initiatives such as the Inclusive Access program, saving students over $1 million annually since 2019. Jarolimek also oversees the Bronco Shop’s support of the annual Sun Valley Writers’ Conference, from which all sales profits go to scholarship and fellowship opportunities.

Jarolimek’s other goals for the role include further aligning with the university’s SERP initiatives, partnering with Athletics to support student-athletes and re-establishing the Bronco Shop Advisory Board to involve stakeholders across campus.