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Sadegh and Gambs participate in Boise School District STEMversity Camp

T shirts are signed by camp participants

Moji Sadegh, assistant professor of civil engineering, and Megan Gambs, assistant director of the Institute for Inclusive and Transformative Scholarship, recently participated in the inaugural STEMversity Camp hosted by the Bosie School District. The event saw 80 fourth-sixth graders from 24 area schools participate in a variety of hands-on leaning activities facilitated by STEM professionals and educators. The goal was to get students, especially from disadvantaged communities, to learn more about and interested in STEM fields.

“Our camp’s theme is ‘curiosity for a thriving Idaho’ and we hope the activities help the students see themselves in these future careers and will stay curious in whatever comes next in their life,” said Ali Ward, science supervisor for the Boise School District.

Sadegh and Gambs were part of the steering committee who spent months planning for the event. They also assisted with event logistics, scheduling and finding sponsors.

During the event, Sadegh served on a panel discussing what it’s like to be a scientist.

“We discussed the ups and downs of being a scientist, but more so how exciting it is to do science,” he said.

Sadegh also led a session focused on the students imagining what the future of Idaho, its nature, habitability and residents should look like.

“This intergenerational exchange of knowledge is shown to be very effective in enhancing the sustainability and resiliency of communities,” he said. “Lots of great discussion happened, but one student’s statement was very interesting to me. She said she ‘wanted a future that has a balance between humans and nature.'”