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Mobility partner City Go offers transportation options and discounts on downtown parking for employees

Boise State, in partnership with Valley Regional Transit’s (VRT) City Go Boise, provides discounts for university employees in four downtown parking garages, free bike parking, carpool, vanpool and transit connections.

To access the City Go Boise program follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to Boise State’s portal on the City Go Boise website.
  2. Provide first and last name, work email address and create a user password.
  3. Select “Boise State employee plan”.
  4. Review plan options.

Please note, while the City Go site provides an option to purchase a bus pass, all Boise State employees are able to ride VRT busses for free. New employee identification cards have a VRT bus pass included, which provides unlimited access to any VRT route. Employees who don’t have a bus pass sticker on their card can pick one up for free at the Student Union Info Desk.

For questions, contact the transportation and parking team at