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Ramsey accepted as research affiliate to international center

Elizabeth Ramsey, associate professor and librarian at Boise State University’s Albertsons Library was recently accepted as a research affiliate with The Center for Information, Technology and Public Life  at University of North Carolina – Chapel Hill. The organization “is dedicated to understanding the growing impact of the internet, social media, and other forms of digital information sharing in the context of the people who design, use, and govern them. [The center] explores technology as it’s embedded in societies structured by economics, race, politics, culture and more.”

At 185 members, this year’s affiliates is the largest group ever. The international cohort is made up of faculty, graduate students, postdocs and professionals, and Ramsey proudly stands out as the only librarian among them.

Ramsey is the liaison to programs in the School of Public Service, the School of the Environment and the Center for Global Education. Among her research interests are critical information literacy, libraries and civic engagement, and outreach to underrepresented students in higher education. This experience provides her an opportunity to continue research in practical solutions in addressing disinformation and extremism.