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Tacoma Art Museum features work by Lee and Quinney

Entry into the gallery for the exhibit "Soft Power" at the Tacoma Art Museum where Lily Lee and Carrie Quinney's work is on display.

Artwork by Lily Lee, associate professor in the Department of Art, Design and Visual Studies, and Carrie Quinney, a multimedia coordinator in the College of Education, is featured in the exhibition “Soft Power” at the Tacoma Art Museum.

The exhibition showcases 21 artists and runs through Sept. 1, 2024.

“Soft Power draws its name and inspiration from Joseph Nye’s theory of cultural heritage as a form of non-coercive power. Using traditional processes to create contemporary declarations of resistance, resilience, love, and rebuke, this work explores the dynamic contrast between soft materials and so-called ‘hard’ ideas. This engaging and provocative exhibition explores cultural stereotypes, humanity’s impact on the environment, and healthcare access.” -Tacoma Art Museum