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Criminal justice researchers report on services for crime victims in Idaho’s vulnerable populations

Research indicates that people with disabilities are more likely to experience criminal victimization and abuse, neglect and exploitation than people who do not have disabilities. Less is known, however, about support services available for this population.

Through a contract with the Idaho Council on Developmental Disabilities, Boise State criminal justice researchers and others conducted a statewide survey of providers to learn more. Their report details service availability across the state and concludes with a number of recommendations to improve services.

Boise State researchers also worked with Idaho Legal Aid Services to examine the legal and non-legal needs of rural survivors of sexual assault in Idaho.

Researchers analyzed data on crime rates and needs across the state, previously collected surveys of sexual assault survivors, victim service providers and policing professionals and semi-structured interviews with victim service providers.

Read the full reports on the Idaho Victimization Clearinghouse website