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Innovation Corps meet and greet Nov. 7

The National Science Foundation Innovation Corps (NSF I-Corps) program will be hosting an in-person opportunity on Nov. 7 to meet regional and national NSF instructors, learn from past participants and discover more about this program dedicated to bringing research-based deep technology venture products and services to market.

Register for the NSF Meet and Greet in the Student Union Building Hatch C Room.

Alumni Testimonial

Cambria Brann | NSF 2023

“This program was the missing piece I needed to turn my idea into a reality. Thanks to the team of professionals and community of entrepreneurs like myself, I was able to get the guidance I needed to move forward and build my business from the ground up.”


The NSF I-Corps program provides four weeks of entrepreneurial training for teams of researchers, students, and mentors to explore the commercial potential of their research and innovation.

Focused on research-based deep technology venture products and services, the Desert and Pacific Region Hub spans five states.

Hub Partners

Arizona State University, University of Arizona, Northern Arizona University, UC San Diego, University of Hawaii, Boise State University, University of Idaho and University of Nevada, Las Vegas.