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Alum thanks Boise State for launching his career as a nurse anesthetist

Justin Malinosky stands in his scrubs, smiling in the operating room.

Malinosky earned with his second bachelor’s degree in 2013 when he graduated from Boise State’s pre-license nursing program. “I wanted to be challenged and grow,” he said. “I felt that getting into advanced practice [nursing] would give that to me, and boy did it.”
Alum Justin Malinosky didn’t alway know he wanted to be a nurse. But after years serving as a computer engineer in a hostile work environment, he desired a meaningful job where he could directly help people.

Boise State helped him do so.

Malinosky graduated in 2013 with his bachelor’s of science in nursing and later went on to pursue an advanced practice nursing degree. In 2020, he began working as a certified registered nurse anesthetist.

“The opportunities to learn on a daily basis are greater than they ever were in any other career position I have had,” he said. “That is part of what keeps me so satisfied in what I do now.”

Malinosky now hopes to impact other nursing students and help them find a meaningful career like he did. His best advice? Don’t choose a career based on the size of the paycheck. This was a “major factor” of his choice to go into engineering, but it also made him regret what he was doing, he said.

“I was spending too much time counting how many more years I would have to work until retirement,” he said. “I honestly believe people should find something they love to do that they can make a career in. For me, I love nursing and I absolutely love to practice anesthesia.”

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Grateful for Boise State

Malinosky immensely appreciates the impact Boise State made on his life. Here are some of the things he’s thankful for:

The opportunity to become a registered nurse

“Just becoming an RN, that is impactful,” Malinosky said. He credits the School of Nursing with launching his successful career.

“I really like the nursing program here,” he said. “It’s a well-structured program and there’s a lot of support…there’s a lot of energy behind everything that the students get here.”

“The amount the teachers care.”

The on-campus bachelor’s in nursing program boasts an 80-person cohort, but Malinosky said that doesn’t hinder the instructors from caring for each and every student. “They want to see you succeed,” he said.

Malinosky appreciated his instructors when he was a student, but he does even more so now. “It’s like when you grow up and you appreciate your parents more,” he said, acknowledging the time, effort and care his instructors put in. “Teachers do the same thing. Teaching is not the most glamorous or the best paying, but it’s a great thing that they do for us.”

Financial support and a chance to give back

“I got a really nice scholarship when I came through, and I’m really appreciative of that,” Malinosky said. He is now seeking ways to philanthropically give back to the program himself.

“It feels good to be able to come full circle, that my career has been successful enough that I can help enable others to do the same thing.”

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