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Albertsons Library’s Bryant to retire, celebration Dec. 12

Albertsons Library hired Gerry Bryant in 1988 as a library assistant in acquisitions and collections. A Nampa native, Bryant started his long career in libraries at the Nampa Public Library, then worked as the first courier for Idaho’s State Library and had a stint at Boise’s Public Library. He will retire with emeritus status at the end of December.

A reception will be held in Bryant’s honor from 1:30-3 p.m. on Tuesday, Dec. 12 in Albertsons Library. Refreshments will be served and remarks will start at 2 p.m. For more information, email Mary Aagard at

A Q and A with Bryant

What are some things you’ve most enjoyed during your time at Albertsons Library?

“When I started the job I really enjoyed gathering materials to go to the bindery. It was always fun opening the boxes when they returned from the bindery and getting them ready for students to check out. I also enjoyed manually checking-in periodicals and standing orders, and getting them ready to circulate. Recently, I’ve enjoyed locating electronic records for government documents and importing them into our catalog.”

What are some of the special projects you have spearheaded?

“In the last several years I’ve become the point person for special projects. The journals in our special collections and archives unit needed to be ‘discoverable’ in order for people to locate them in our system. So I created volume and issue numbers to identify them. I have also done this for government documents pertaining to government census information and Department of Interior materials.”

Favorite memories of working at Boise State?

“Working with all the great staff here at Albertsons Library and getting to know other people on campus through the many recognition lunches I’ve attended over the years. I also took several trips with Del Parkinson from the music department. He used to organize theater tours for the community through a local travel agency. I joined him for trips to New York and London.”

How do you imagine spending your time in retirement?

“I will probably start reading all of the Stephen King books that I haven’t gotten around to, and probably go to more movies. I own all the Stephen King books (mostly hardback copies that were given to me as gifts), but haven’t read any from the last three to four years. I stream a lot of movies, mostly romantic comedies, and the super hero and horror genres, but I’ll be heading back to the movie theater.”