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Designing for Student Success Faculty Learning Community seeks applicants

The Center for Teaching and Learning invites faculty to apply to participate in the next cohort of the Designing for Student Success Faculty Learning Community. This group will meet in Spring 2024 to explore evidence-based course design and instructional strategies that have been shown to promote student success, particularly for historically underserved students by considering common barriers to student success and ways that instructors can reduce those barriers. This work is directly aligned with equity-minded goals for student retention outlined in the university’s Student Enrollment and Retention Plan.

What is involved?

Spring 2024

Participants will attend seven cohort meetings during the spring semester. Each meeting will focus on a different theme and consider practical instructional strategies that are relevant across disciplines. Meetings are highly structured with ample opportunities for discussion, active participation and work time.

Fall 2024

Based on plans made during spring semester, instructors will implement changes in one or more classes and complete a reflection at the end of the semester.

Hear from past participants

“The immediate benefit for the FLC was the community. It mattered to hear from other faculty on a regular basis to brainstorm ideas and troubleshoot logistics. But over the last few years, as I have designed courses for eCampus and reimagined face to face classes, I have realized how much some of the ideas from our conversations and readings have stuck–from transparent assignment design to a specific tone shifts in policy and outcomes. The FLC has had long term benefits for both me and my students.” –Tiffany Hitesman, Department of Writing Studies

“I really enjoyed the opportunity to interact with other faculty and share experiences. The readings are thought-provoking and I gained specific ideas for revising my course to foster more student engagement and student satisfaction.” –Danna Teicheira, School of Public and Population Health

“I always thought I was a compassionate teacher and doing all that I could to help my students be successful. This FLC made me really look closely at my own policies and practices. During this FLC I had the opportunity to focus on revising the way I wrote and graded assignments. The time spent with colleagues looking at my own instructional practices has shifted my entire mindset around students. This was a transformative FLC.” –Elizabeth Lester Barnes, First Year Writing Lecturer

Eligibility and compensation

All Boise State instructors are eligible to apply, including adjunct faculty, lecturers, clinical faculty and tenure track faculty. Each participant will receive a stipend of $500, paid as supplemental salary ($250 for one semester of planning and $250 for one semester of implementation).

For more information about the Designing for Student Success Faculty Learning
Community, see the call for applications or contact Sarah Dalrymple ( or Devshikha Bose (