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Anderson becomes Certified Research Administrator

Jessica Ramondi Headshot

Jessica Anderson, senior research administrator in the College of Health Sciences, received her certification as a Certified Research Administrator from the Research Administrators Certification Council.

The certification allows for further opportunities for career advancement and professional recognition, as well as the personal satisfaction and opportunity to serve as a role model, Anderson said.

Anderson had to meet certain qualifications of experience and schooling to take the exam. After studying through Virginia Tech and on her own for months, she took the exam in May 2023 and received her official certification soon afterwards.

Ella Christiansen, assistant director for pre-awards in the Office of Sponsored Programs, who has been certified since 2011, supported Anderson throughout this process and was her inspiration for beginning her journey.

“I am very fortunate to have an amazing, supportive mentor, Ella Christiansen. She inspired, motivated and supported me in this process. My husband, family and friends were also very supportive. I am truly thankful for all the wonderful people I have in my life,” Anderson said.

Since being certified, Anderson has been approached by other research administrators on campus about the process and has provided them with resources, advice and mentorship. She hopes that more people will follow in her and Christiansen’s footsteps, and she plans to be a supportive resource to anyone who is interested.