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Training series to help develop an ‘outward mindset’ begins in February

Discover the key to lasting professional success and meaningful team connections with the Arbinger Institute’s training on “Developing and Implementing an Outward Mindset.” This transformational training guides participants from an inward mindset (focusing on self) to a powerful outward mindset (focusing on others). This mindset shift can improve work performance, spark breakthrough ideas and foster a more collaborative work culture.

“Members of our team engaged in this high impact, professional growth and training opportunity,” said Lynn Humphrey, associate vice president of Student Affairs and Enrollment Management. “It provided us with practical ways to strengthen working relationships, positively influence others and collaborate more effectively on initiatives.”

This training helps participants to:

  • Understand inward and outward mindsets
  • Overcome a self-focused inward mindset and move toward an others-inclusive outward mindset
  • Help clarify a person’s role and hold them accountable
  • Assist teams to plan, work and resolve differences more collaboratively and effectively
  • Influence others to change