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“A picture in 500 words”: Call for unique research photos

The Conversation US is piloting a unique opportunity for researchers to supply and explain a fascinating or interesting photo from their research. Doctoral students and faculty are encouraged to apply.

“A Picture in half-a-thousand words”

“Do you have an intriguing, eye-catching, or otherwise very cool image from research that you want to explain to a general audience? We’re experimenting with a new format where scholars deconstruct a single image from their work (for now, we’re focusing on scientific images, such as images taken with a microscope) in ~500 words. We’ll go over the image’s context/background, close read specific details to articulate its significance, and close with its legacy and broader implications for the field or society.

We’d like to provide another opportunity for scholars to share their work in a meaningful way and to offer readers another means to understand the world around them. ”
Photo deadline:  Feb 26, 2024

If interested in submitting an image, please contact Research Promotions and Communications Manager Brianne Phillips at