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Director of the School of Computing candidate open forums continue

The College of Engineering is currently interviewing candidates to serve as the inaugural Director of the School of Computing. The search committee has invited four candidates to campus. The candidates will be on campus in early March and the campus community is invited to the open forum.

Candidate Information

Ira Burton

The forum will offer a chance to listen and learn about the candidates who have been asked to prepare a presentation on their vision for the School of Computing and what excites them about the position.

Mission and Goals – School of Computing

The School of Computing’s mission is to create a technological and human capital infrastructure that enhances the university‚Äôs ability to develop and deliver computing-centered inquiry, knowledge, and skills, to ensure that Boise State can be a national resource for computing-centric 21st venture workforce.

The School will contribute to student success by supporting and providing courses, a certificate, and degree programs across disciplines that will give students the modern computing skills that are required to be competitive in the 21st century economy. Through its unique structure, the School will become a powerful vehicle to support new, computing-centric opportunities for faculty collaboration, industry outreach and collaboration, and increased access to existing and new computing technologies.