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Introducing the Grand Challenges: Healthy Idaho, and the Resource Nexus for Sustainability

photos of urban and rural Idaho merged at center
Graphic by McKenna Howard

At Boise State, faculty, students, collaborators and community partners are engaged in two specific Grand Challenges: These are the Resource Nexus for Sustainability and Healthy Idaho.

The Resource Nexus for Sustainability

The Resource Nexus for Sustainability is all about exploring and navigating the complex interactions between natural and built environments. For example, this grand challenge relates to Idaho’s swiftly growing population and the challenges that urban development present to natural environments. The goal is to better understand these interactions and build more resilient and sustainable urban and rural systems.

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Healthy Idaho

The Healthy Idaho Grand Challenge is intended to improve the physical and social conditions that will foster healthy and thriving communities throughout Idaho. From the most rural community to bustling urban centers, promoting a healthier state means investigating challenges such as the impact of wildfire smoke, and finding solutions through creative research and collaboration with stakeholders across the state.

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Stay tuned for a deep dive into the teamwork that makes these grand challenge initiatives possible.