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A photo portrait of Tracy Andrus
Tracy Andrus. Photo provided by the Andrus Center for Public Policy.

Tracy Andrus, the daughter of Carol Andrus and former Idaho Governor and Secretary of the Interior Cecil D. Andrus, died Tuesday, March 12.

A Boise State alum, Andrus was board chairman of the Andrus Center for Public Policy on campus.

The center shared this remembrance:

Tracy Andrus was a thoughtful, committed woman with great enthusiasm for improving the future of Idaho. As a Boise State alum, Tracy’s lasting impact is both profound and far-reaching. Tracy’s career endeavors ranged from owning a small business, working as a senior vice-president for Blue Cross, and serving as a business consultant. She led the Andrus Center for Public Policy as president starting in 2014.

Her unwavering dedication to the Andrus Center and its work built nationally respected forums for addressing vital public policy issues of our time–wise use of environmental resources and public lands, ensuring children enter the classroom ready to learn, and cultivating leadership from all segments of our society.

A black and white photo of Tracy Andrus shaking hands with President Jimmy Carter.
Tracy Andrus with President. Jimmy Carter. Photo provided by the Andrus Center for Public Policy.
a photo of two persons seated at a table
Tracy Andrus with her father, former Idaho Gov. Cecil D. Andrus. Photo by Allison Corona.

Tracy’s life was woven with threads of resilience and commitment, especially to her family. Her journey is marked by inspiring tales of growing up in the Andrus household and accompanying her father to Washington, D.C., during his term as the interior secretary under the Jimmy Carter Administration. She overcame tremendous obstacles, including challenges with her health from an early age.

Tracy’s indomitable spirit, grace, and unwavering dedication to public service expanded the Andrus legacy. Her father was well-known for his love of the outdoors and for preserving the West’s open spaces. Tracy continued this legacy, championing the Andrus Center’s environmental and public lands work. Her passion for equality, particularly in leadership roles, echoed in her advocacy for women throughout her diverse careers to assume their rightful positions in government, businesses, and boardrooms.

For media inquiries, please contact:
Media Contact: Emily Wakild, Cecil D. Andrus Endowed Chair for the Environment and Public Lands,, 208-426-2549.