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Representatives from University Foundations present at national conference

Candyce Reynolds, Kay Wingert, Elizabeth Cook, Jill Heney, Cole Pinno and Pamela Craig from University Foundations recently participated at the American Association of Colleges and Universities Conference on General Education, Pedagogy and Assessment in Providence, Rhode Island. 

Reynolds and Wingert presented in a poster session on “Beyond the List: Navigating Meaning in Disciplinary General Education Courses.” 

Heney, Pinno and Craig shared insights from their University Foundations 100 course, Designing Your Life, in a session titled “Using Design Thinking to Reimagine a Course For Student Agency.”

Pinno, Craig and Heney stand in front of a projector screen.
Pinno, Craig and Heney presenting at AAC&U GEPA on April 12, 2024.

Reynolds also co-hosted a roundtable discussion on “Enacting Courageous General Education Collaborations Across a State” with Heidi Estrem from the Idaho State Board of Education, Tiffany Seeley-Case from the College of Southern Idaho, Martin Gibbs from Lewis Clark State College and Greg Wilson from the College of Western Idaho. 

Presenters from the state of Idaho sitting around a table.
Candyce Reynolds (center) and Idaho general education leaders at their roundtable discussion at AAC&U GEPA on April 13, 2024.

The conference invites participants to reimagine undergraduate education through three complementary pillars of content: general education, pedagogy and assessment. According to the association, sessions “showcase the courageous work of educators who ensure the continued vitality of the undergraduate educational experience and to create a space for engagement in the generative conversations and hands-on experiences that empower them and enhance their own learning.”