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Spring Fitness Challenge winners announced

Trainer and client in weight room
KINES 432 Conditioning Principles students provide personal training to faculty and staff as part of the kinesiology Fitness Challenge, Kinesiology Annex, photo Patrick Sweeney

Students in the Department of Kinesiology recently completed coursework that included training university faculty and staff over the course of a semester, a unique hands-on learning opportunity which most students report as one of the most difficult, yet significant learning experiences in their time at Boise State.

The Fitness Challenge is a friendly competition between Boise State employees to see who improved their health and fitness the most across the semester. Faculty and staff committed to participate for ten weeks and Kinesiology 432 Conditioning Principles students provided personal training. Student personal trainers developed and guided clients through an exercise routine designed to help participants meet their health and fitness goals.

The top five finishers are:

  • Anthony Reynolds
  • Austin Heddon
  • Courtney Hollar
  • Madison Cunningham
  • Will Reynolds

The winning student trainers are:

  • Ashtyn Hassman
  • Katelyn Davis
  • Gabby Martinez
  • Olivia Matarangas
  • Valentinas Ulinas

In addition, Fitness Challenge participant donations increased the Kinesiology Department Scholarship fund by more than $2,500.

The Fitness Challenge happens every fall and spring semester. To participate in the fall 2024 challenge, watch for an announcement on Boise State news during the first week of fall classes.