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Media students benefit from the Blue House Agency’s experiential approach

Members of the student-run Blue House Agency posing in front of a Volkswagen bus.
Members of the Blue House Agency assisting with a KTVB segment

This article was written by Caitlin Liddle and Jaden Couder, a senior and junior both studying Strategic Communications and Media and members of the student-run Blue House Agency.

As students aim to gain a competitive edge in the marketplace, some Boise State media students are reaping the rewards of their time working in Blue House Agency, a student-led public relations firm. 

Blue House Agency offers experiential, hands-on learning opportunities to students by providing strategic communication services to clients in the community. Students focus on public relations, content creation, event planning, community outreach and project management.

According to the university’s strategic plan, improving educational access and student success by “integrating career education and experiential learning opportunities into the curriculum and the student experience to improve career readiness and post-graduation outcomes” is a top priority. Blue House Agency, along with the media department’s University Television Production Services offers that type of experiential education not always found in academic settings.

Cindy Miller, Blue House Agency’s advisor and clinical lecturer, shares her 25 years of experience in the public relations field with students.

“The client interaction with Blue House Agency’s participants is something that is only replicated in the professional setting, so students experience real opportunities to help them improve their skills,” she said. “It’s one thing to know how to write, but it’s another to know how to interact with clients, learn their priorities and translate that knowledge into a set of deliverables which achieve their goals.”

Blue House Agency participants also pitch and earn media placements. Stories written by Blue House Agency students have been featured in local and regional publications. Students also work to pitch segment ideas to local news stations like KTVB and have the opportunity to go in the studio to witness the behind-the-scenes of their clients’ featured segments. 

One Blue House Agency team planned and executed a campus-wide drive to collect eyeglasses from community members. The group worked to write a promotional press release which was published in KIVI and local calendars, place marketing materials in the Boise State Student Union Building, and create social media posts to promote the event. The group collected over 130 pairs of glasses. 

“Working with Blue House Agency was an incredibly rewarding experience. They provided more than just public relations and marketing, but also compassion and enthusiasm,” said Estaban Galan, Envision’s programs and community engagement coordinator. “Their work enabled us to reach new corners of our community and provided us with visibility that we wouldn’t have been able to achieve on our own.”

To learn more about Blue House Agency, visit their website or follow on Instagram and Facebook @bluehouseagency.