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Meet the 2024 University Foundations Teaching Award winners

From Art 100 to Physics 101, about 500 different instructors teach Boise State’s foundational courses for non-majors. These teachers are responsible for approximately one-third of all the courses students take. The General Education Committee of Boise State’s faculty senate created the University Foundations Teaching Awards to recognize the essential work of these educators.

The following faculty were nominated by students, fellow instructors or department chairs based on evidence of exemplary teaching, creativity in course design or implementation and excellence in translating disciplinary methods of inquiry to non-majors.

Congratulations to the 2024 Winners.

2024 Award Winners

  • Foundations of Written Communication: Allison King
  • Foundations of Oral Communication: Amanda Soza
  • Foundations of Arts: Richard Klautsch
  • Foundations of Humanities: Rebecca Sibrian
  • Foundations of Mathematics: Kimberly Classen-Wilson
  • Foundations of Sciences: Chris Saunders
  • Foundations of Social Sciences: Emily Fritchman-Mahaney
  • Finishing Foundations: Dan Dexheimer
  • UF 100 Lead Instructor: Corey Simpson
  • UF 100 Discussion Group Leader: Franziska Borders
  • UF 200: Karen Wadley