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Ransdell elected to board of the National Academy of Kinesiology

A photo portrait of Lynda Ransdell

Lynda Ransdell, chair of the Department of Kinesiology, was elected to be an at-large member for the National Academy of Kinesiology, a professional association that sets future directions and standards for kinesiology. She will serve in this role for the next three years.

Ransdell was initially inducted into the National Academy of Kinesiology in 2018, after her peers unanimously voted to approve her nomination, which is a requirement of becoming a fellow in the organization.

Before Ransdell returning to became chair at Boise State, where she was a member of the faculty for eight years, she served as a dean and associate dean at multiple universities in the states of Arizona and Montana. In addition to the National Academy of Kinesiology, she is also a fellow of the National Association for Kinesiology in Higher Education, and the American College of Sports Medicine. She is also the only two-time president of the National Association for Girls and Women in Sports.

“Dr. Ransdell has been such a supportive and positive leader since she joined the department of Kinesiology in 2022, and the department is truly thriving,” said Joelle Powers, a professor and senior associate dean of the college of health science. “We are grateful to have her in our college, and so thrilled about her being elected to this board as it exemplifies her amazing leadership within the discipline.”