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The Research Magazine of BOISE STATE UNIVERSITY

ISSUE 2020

Every day, Boise State provides national leadership in creating a new model of what public higher education can mean for individual students, their families and their communities, and we are transforming what a research university can mean for its region and its partners. By thinking differently about how we serve our students and prepare them for the world, and imagining new, boundary-defying ways to do research, we are creating the university of the future.

This issue of Explore magazine highlights some of the latest innovations and impactful research happening across our campus. You’ll be proud to know that through our amazing graduates, our faculty’s research and the service we provide, Boise State’s impact is global and continues to grow.


This is Shukuru – he wants to help
The Famous Comedy of the Lieutenant Nun
From blue-collar to green: Grant will help historian chart Boise’s ‘deindustrialization’
Rescuing Ridgway's Hawk: partnership fuels conservation of critically endangered hawk
Students investigate the soils of Idaho’s ripening wine scene
'Chemistry of Color' workshop brings science to painter’s palette

An apple a day?

Organic versus conventional foods: are they really better for people’s health? Are all organic foods created equal, and if not, which do we pick and why do we pick them? These seemingly simple questions are fraught with personal and political beliefs and values. Yet the voice of reason that is often missing from the conversation is science.

One explanation for this knowledge gap is that studies involving dietary intervention (i.e., replacing conventionally produced foods with organic foods) usually are only conducted for one- to two-week periods on small populations. This isn’t long enough to provide conclusive evidence that a test group became healthier on an organic diet.

Bringing the voice of science to the debate
What's at stake when the Treasure Valley loses farmland to growth? A new grant will help Boise State researchers find out
First Look; ‘Teach people to love something and they’ll want to protect it'
Investigating the blood-brain barrier
The beauty of drylands data