The Research Magazine of BOISE STATE UNIVERSITY

ISSUE 2019 | How the arts play a vital role in Boise State’s research mission

Serious Creativity

At Boise State University, we recognize that research is as foundational to the arts as it is to any other discipline.

And a vibrant arts scene cannot flourish without a strong base in research, a base that helps artists, artists-in-training and the general public understand the cultural and historical implications of their craft and more deeply appreciate how that craft reflects the human condition.

Arts faculty encourage student artists to understand the context in which their art is made, to tease out the ethical implications of an aesthetic decision and to appreciate the technologies that might help them create differently.


Cultural Interpreters
The Art of Binge-worthy TV
Turning the Page
Creative Terrain
Lessons in Light: Boise State lighting professor ushers her students into the spotlight
Novel Success

Mud Flaps and Burial Shrouds

Following one artist’s quest to honor the identities of the American West through her loom.

Weaving an Identity for the West
The Artist Who Launched Others’ Art Careers
Teaching the Healing Power of Music to Music Teachers
Illustrating the News We Read Each Day — On a Deadline
Spit Take: How Our Saliva Reveals the Calming Effects of Nature
State’s First Alzheimer’s Institute Seeks to Tackle Growing Disease
Printing Hearts to Enhance Student Learning