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Winter 2021

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The big picture: Film and television arts is among the fastest-growing programs at Boise State
A living bridge
School of Nursing brings health care to rural Idaho
A talented team looks to the future
Everything in your orange bags: Materials science researchers look for a better way to recycle plastic
Graduate uncovers inequities in access to health care for people who are deaf

Sage wisdom

Walk by sagebrush. Smell that? It’s a chemical soup the plant produces, intended to kill or dissuade the growth of microbes and fungi. But some manage to live on sagebrush anyway.

Leonora Bittleston, an assistant professor in the Department of Biological Sciences, is studying why. She’s asking how these microorganisms may benefit sagebrush in hopes of saving the iconic plant and the complex Western ecosystem that depends on it.

Research team looks for keys to preserving a symbol of the West

Alumni and Friends in Action

In bloom
Loyal Broncos: Beverly and David Taylor
Celebrating the 2021 Distinguished Alumni Awards and Gala
Class Notes, winter 2021
Campus News

Researcher ensures food safety while helping farmers

Kendra Kaiser, watershed hydrologist and assistant research professor in Boise State’s Department of Geosciences, researches water resources management and land-use change.

“Under the Food Safety Modernization Act, irrigators have to test their water quality as close as possible to when they are about to harvest any produce that people will eat raw,” Kaiser said.

Farmers submit multiple water samples for testing at great expense. Kaiser wants to determine the variability of water quality along canals to see if farmers might be able to safely group their samples to save money. A United States Department of Agriculture Specialty Crop Block Grant of over $100,000 through the Idaho State Department of Agriculture is supporting her research.

Campus News

Starry night: NASA award will strengthen Boise State's partnership with the Central Dark Sky Reserve
Listening to volcanic mudflows
Sie spricht (she speaks) Olympics
Blue Rider
Vital snow research for the Mountain West


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#BelieveInBroncos is our way to share their stories.
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