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Meningitis Campaign Off to a Strong Start

Student Nurses advertise for the free meningitis vaccines

The nursing students in School of Nursing faculty member Cathy Deckys’ Leadership and Community Health course have helped to coordinate the Meningitis Campaign both here at Boise State and across Idaho at several college campuses. They have given more than 400 free vaccines at three different vaccine clinics this semester.

The Idaho Immunization Coalition received 8,000 vaccines from the Idaho Immunization Program at the Idaho state Health and Welfare Department to be given free to all college students.

College students are at a higher than normal risk for contracting meningococcal meningitis, a disease that progresses so rapidly that it can lead to death within 24 hours from the first onset of symptoms. Most of Idaho college students are not vaccinated with the meningitis vaccine because there are no requirements for immunizations upon entry into college.

For more information about the Meningitis Campaign and the Idaho Immunization Coalition, please contact Pam Strohfus at