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Nursing Faculty Gives Interview to Wysing Arts Centre at the University of Cambridge

Cecile Evans

Cecile B. Evans, PhD, RN, FNP-BC, School of Nursing faculty, gave a Skype interview to Victoria Camblin, writer, editor of 032c magazine (Berlin) and a doctoral candidate at the University of Cambridge, as part of an art exhibition at the Wysing Arts Centre at the University of Cambridge.

The Wysing Arts Centre exhibit, “Relatively Absolute Day of Live Events” is a group exhibition consisting of newly commissioned work, as well as the source material that has informed it’s making, by the twelve artists, and the writer and musician who worked in the Wysing residency program. Central to the Relatively Absolute is the idea that hidden systems and structures can be used to uncover meaning, narrative and paradox.

Evans’ interview focused on her research on phantom limb pain and was intended as an informative session for non-healthcare professionals and included specifics about phantom limb pain and general pain topics.

View Evans’ interview below: