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Statewide Campaign Provided 600 Free Meningococcal Vaccines with More Clinics Scheduled for Fall

Meningococcal meningitis is a deadly disease. Among those who survive one in five is left with a serious medical problem such as brain damage or loss of limbs. The risk of infection is almost six times higher in crowded areas such as dorm rooms and classrooms.

Coordinating the Meningitis Campaign has given the Idaho Immunization Coalition the opportunity to increase meningitis awareness and minimize the prevalence of this disease in the state of Idaho. Through grassroots efforts, 600 doses of the meningococcal vaccine have been administered to college students at Lewis-Clark State College, Boise State University, and Brigham Young University. The Idaho Immunization Coalition, the Idaho Immunization Program, and Boise State have worked together to initiate and coordinate campaigns at these college campuses to educate and vaccinate!

Additionally, a nationally-recognized meningitis immunization advocate, athlete Rayna Dubose (, spoke at Boise State in March 2013 on “Winning the Game of Life.” Dubose is a survivor of meningococcal disease but lost her limbs to the disease in 2002. More clinics are scheduled for the summer and autumn, as students arrive or return to campuses across the state.

The Meningitis Campaign has been a success primarily because of a number of fruitful partnerships. Many volunteers from the Idaho Immunization Program, Novartis Pharmaceutical Company, Schools of Nursing, and campus health clinics have contributed time and effort to this cause.

Vaccination clinics are scheduled to happen throughout the fall across the state. The first Boise State clinic was held on August 28 as students returned for the fall semester with a second clinic held on September 17 from 4-8 pm for students living in Taylor, Chaffee, Keiser, Driscol, & Morison dorms.

On October 2, a third clinic will be held from 1-6 pm in the Tower’s classroom for students living in the Towers and in the university apartments. Additionally, nursing students will be able to get vaccinated during an October 4 clinic in the University Suites showroom at Clearwater from 1-6 pm. University Suites and Lincoln Townhomes residents are also welcome to attend in order to receive their vaccinations.

For questions on clinics and how you can volunteer, contact Boise State School of Nursing faculty member, Pam Strohfus, at