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Prengaman Shares Research on the Nursing Community Apgar Questionnaire

Nearly two years ago, Molly Vaughan Prengaman, assistant professor in the School of Nursing, completed the Nursing Community Apgar pilot project. The project created a tool, in the form of a questionnaire, that critical access hospitals can utilize to evaluate and enhance their rural nurse recruitment and retention. She is now publishing and presenting her work related to the Nursing Community Apgar Questionnaire.

Prengaman, along with co-authors: Jeri Bigbee, former Joanna “Jody” DeMeyer Endowed Chair in Nursing; Ed Baker, director and senior researcher for the Center for Health Policy; and David Schmitz, affiliate faculty and senior researcher for the Center for Health Policy, and associate director of Rural Family Medicine at the Family Medicine Residency of Idaho; published “Development of the Nursing Community Apgar Questionnaire: A Rural Nurse Recruitment and Retention Tool” in Rural and Remote Health. The full article is available online at

Additionally, Prengaman, Baker and Schmitz presented at the Western Institute of Nursing’s 47th Annual Communicating Nursing Research Conference on April 9-12 in Seattle. “The Nursing Community Apgar Program” was a reviewed presentation.