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Marty Downey Presents at St. Luke’s Sixth Annual PACU/ENDO/MI Conference

Marty Downey, associate professor of the School of Nursing, spoke at the 6th annual St. Luke’s Pre-post Anesthesia Care Unit (PACU)/ Endoscopy (ENDO)/ MedImaging (MI) Conference on April 4. Approximately 150 people attended the conference.

Downey’s presentation was titled “Guided Imagery and Visualization for the High Anxiety Patient” and described the uses of Guided Imagery, a powerful technique that guides the imagination through stimulation of the sense, for clients and patients pre and post-procedure and surgery to assist in relaxation and recovery. Downey emphasized using visualization and imagery to create calm and relaxation. She also provided techniques for guided imagery/visualization with interactive participation. The goal of the presentation was to introduce Guided Imagery and Visualization to PACU/ENDO/MI nurses, healthcare providers, and others interested in relaxing health practices that will promote healing and health.