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Support Boise State Nursing Students Working with Peruvian Sheepherders

Resubmitted from: Boise State University News Update March 16, 2017

You can help send four Boise State nursing students and members of Boise’s Association for the Advancement of Herders (BAAH) to the Cultural Inclusion Institute Conference in Texas by donating to their PonyUp campaign.

Photo of members of the Boise Association for the Advancement of Herders

The BAAH started as a student project in the School of Nursing and has grown to include clinics in first aid, foot and skin care, CPR, and nutrition with a group of Peruvian sheepherders in the Gem State.

The Cultural Inclusion Institute’s yearly conference explores cultural issues in healthcare and nursing. This year the theme is Linking Social Determinants of Health to Health Disparities and Cultural Inclusion. The conference is a unique chance for students and professionals to talk about diversity in healthcare, strategies for reducing disparities and advocating for social justice.

Donate today at PonyUp and don’t forget to maximize your impact by sharing the campaign on social media.