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Karen Breitkreuz Celebrates the Publication of Her Manuscript to the Journal Nurse Educator

Karen Breitkreuz

Karen Breitkreuz, associate professor for the School of Nursing, is celebrating the publication of a manuscript that she co-authored. “Evaluating the Usability of a Second-Generation Virtual Reality (VR) Game for Refreshing Sterile Urinary Catheterization Skills” has been published to the peer reviewed journal Nurse Educator.

For this study, Breitkreuz and Anthony Ellertson, program director of GIMM, collaborated to create the VR game that allows more hands on learning for future nurses. Breitkreuz evaluated the practicality of using a VR game system for sterile catheterization practice. She chose this subject to study as VR allows for risk and anxiety free practice in certain healthcare practices in the classroom.

Breitkreuz assessed the use of the VR game systems with participant enjoyment, engagement, likelihood to practice, and comfort in using VR. The study was conducted on 31 Boise State students and faculty who used a VR game to practice placing a urinary catheter in a virtual patient. Breitkreuz collected data on participant responses using an electronic survey.

The survey results showed that 75 percent of participants rated the game as positive overall, left-handed players had more difficulty playing the game, and players with prescription glasses could not comfortably place the VR goggles over their glasses to play. Breitkreuz confirmed that the VR game shows promise for refreshing sterile catheterization skills for most students.