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College of Health Sciences celebrates long-time and retiring faculty members who represent big Bronco – and health care – history

If you were to place years of teaching consecutively, end to end, for four long-established College of Health Sciences faculty members, their experience would exceed all of Boise State’s history by nearly a half-century.

It’s a thought that bemuses some of them; they’ve been so busy helping students, they’ve not necessarily paused to consider what their experience represents.

Together, Jody Lester, Jeff Anderson, Pam Gehrke and Ken Bell will have taught at Boise State for 136 years by the time the current academic year concludes. Boise State, by comparison, is 90 years old, starting in 1932 as the Episcopal Church’s Boise Junior College before becoming Boise College, then Boise State College and now Boise State University.

So while all of them have hopped aboard during the Boise State part of the adventure, and some aren’t quite ready to hop off – they’ll teach part time, or online, or otherwise keep their fingers on the pulse – all epitomize the long-time university motto: splendor sine occasu.

Not up on your Latin? That’s “splendor without diminishment.” Below, you’ll find the facts about the four, all shining just as splendidly as ever as their last full year winds down.