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Wellness Week encourages healthy habits across the school

The School of Nursing’s first-ever Wellness Week is all about practicing what you preach. The focus is holistic aspects of wellness, self-care and resiliency that can easily be added to anyone’s lifestyle.

Lynn Nichols, director of the RN-BS Completion program, led the group that organized the week’s events.

Jody DeMeyer Reading Room is a self care space with plants, yoga mats and comfy chairs
Another on-campus option for practicing wellness is in the self-care room on the third floor of the Norco Building.

“The Wellness Task Force wanted to provide a fun environment for learning about and reinforcing healthy habits,” Nichols said. “It is my hope that Wellness Week will expose the School of Nursing faculty, staff and students to new wellness habits that they can integrate into their health routines.”

In addition to daily email tips and online resources, the school partnered with BroncoFit to offer on-campus activities that align with each day’s theme. See below for the schedule of events.

There will also be wellness challenges for school employees. Faculty are encouraged to come up with creative ways to fuse wellness concepts into curriculum, and staff will be recognized for their participation in the week’s activities.

For more information about Wellness Week, email

Wellness Week Activities

Activities Monday - Friday

Monday 3/15 – Movement and Exercise

4th floor Norco Building, 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. – Rec Center handing out fitness class schedules.

Bergquist Lounge, Rec Center 11:30 a.m. to 12:15 pm – Faculty & Staff Yoga Class (Zoom link will be available for remote participation)

Tuesday 3/14 – Nutrition

4th floor Norco Building, 12-2 p.m. – Sample some flavored water from BroncoFit and get handouts for smart snacking and eating on a budget.

Wednesday 3/15 – Hydration

Water bottle that reads Bronco Nurse, Boise State University School of Nursing

4th floor Norco Building – Pick up handouts for infused water recipes.

Enter a contest online to win a Bronco Nurse water bottle.

Thursday 3/16 – Connectedness

4th floor Norco Building, 10:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. – Visit with therapy dogs from Helping Idaho Dogs. (Please do not bring your pets in.)

Friday 3/17 – Mindfulness

A guided meditation will be shared via email.