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Boise State University Student Nurses' Association

The Student Nurses’ Association (SNA) is an organization for student-nurses who are seeking to interact with other nursing students as well as develop professionalism and leadership skills.


Interested in becoming more involved as a nursing student? Join the Student Nurses’ Association Executive Board!

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SNA can help you find your own professional path as you enter your exciting new nursing career. Whether you want to work in critical care, pediatrics, the emergency department, or the operating room, hiring managers pay attention to leadership qualities, professional development, and organizational involvement. Besides looking great on your resume.

The Student Nurses' Association

Besides looking great on your resume, SNA is a fun way to network with your peers, professors, and professionals already working in the field. As a board member, bring your ideas to the group to make the school of nursing better for yourself, your classmates, and future students. Learn professional skills, leadership and have the opportunity the attend the National Student Nurses’ Association conference.

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