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DNP Admission (Policy DNP-03)

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Effective Date

July 2021

Last Revision Date


Responsible Party

DNP program director, faculty, and staff.

Scope and Audience

DNP in Leadership Program

Additional Authority

Boise State University Graduate College

1. Policy Purpose

This policy describes the DNP in Leadership program admission policy and procedures.

2. Policy Statement

The DNP in Leadership program is a cohort-based program that accepts students once yearly for program start in fall semester. A variety of application materials and processes are used to facilitate equitable consideration of applicants who will persist and be successful in a doctoral program.

General Application Information

  • Application materials are accepted beginning in September for each subsequent fall cohort program cycle.
  • There are fees for the Graduate College and the DNP Program applications. (see program website)
  • Applications must be complete before they are reviewed. Missing documentation or information will delay review of applications.
  • At any stage during the application process, applicants can log in to their Graduate College application account and check the status of their application to confirm that official transcripts have been received, that all supporting documents have been uploaded, and verify that references have submitted evaluation forms.
  • Applications are reviewed in the order received for the priority (February 1) and final admission (July 1) deadlines, which are published on the program website at
  • Applicants may be interviewed by the admission committee by telephone interview after all application materials are received and reviewed.

Application Requirements

  • The DNP in Leadership is available to nurses practicing in all states.
  • Admission to Boise State’s Graduate College is required, but admission to the Graduate College does not guarantee admission to the DNP Program. Please direct any questions about the Graduate College application to
  • To be considered for admission, applicants must possess a valid, unencumbered, unrestricted, unconditional RN license or advanced nursing practice license from within the United States and possess either:
  1. Master’s Degree in Nursing from a CCNE or Commission for Nursing Education Accreditation (CNEA), (formerly NLNAC) or ACEN-accredited School of Nursing. Applicants are not required to be certified in a clinical specialty.
  2. Or, a Bachelor’s Degree in Nursing from a CCNE or CNEA, (formerly NLNAC) or ACEN-accredited nursing program and a Master’s Degree in a related field. Students who possess a Master’s degree in a related field may be required to take additional graduate courses.
  • Applicants must have a cumulative GPA of 3.0 (on a 4.0 scale) in their undergraduate nursing coursework and a cumulative GPA of 3.0 in their Master’s program (based on a scale of 4.0).
  • English Proficiency (written and spoken) is mandatory.
  • Applicants who attended nursing school outside of the United States or United States territories must meet all application requirements AND comply with the following from the Commission of Graduates of Foreign Nursing Schools (CGFNS) and provide an academic review to Boise State University, including credentials review, qualifying examination of nursing knowledge, and English proficiency exam. For more information, contact Commission of Graduates of Foreign Nursing Schools (CGFNS).

Admission Decisions

All application materials are used to make admission decisions including, the application itself, references, resume or curriculum vitae (CV), licensure, transcripts, the comprehensive written statement, and interview.

  • Admission decisions are made by DNP faculty and the program director.
  • Scoring criteria are identified before each admission cycle and used by the admission team for all completed applications during the cycle.
  • The comprehensive written statement, interview, and references are weighted scores with the written statement and interview having the strongest weight in total scoring.
  • Interviews follow a pre-established question format, are conducted via a conference line phone call, and done with a minimum of 2 faculty present.
  • Each applicant’s references, comprehensive written statement, and interview are independently scored by a minimum of 2 DNP faculty.
  • Admission decisions are made by DNP faculty and the program director. The director sees all application materials however faculty only see applicant scores without names and/or identifying information.
  • Admission decisions are made from the time of the priority deadline until the final deadline, if spaces are available.
  • Applicants are notified of admission decisions via email as soon as possible during or at the conclusion of the admission cycle.
  • Applicants may be put on a wait list if spaces become filled and if a space becomes available, be asked to join the program. In some cases, if no space in the program becomes available, wait listed applicants may be invited to join the next year’s fall cohort.


Applicants who are invited to join the program may choose to defer enrollment for one year (per Graduate College Admission Processing procedure).

  • In this case, applicants must email the program director by March 1 prior to the next year’s fall enrollment to communicate whether they intend to enroll in that fall cohort.
  • If the applicant chooses not to enroll for the deferred fall cohort, the space will be given to another applicant in that admission cycle.
  • If the applicant does not communicate by the deadline and/or does not respond to requests for communication, we will assume the student does not intend to enroll and the space will be given to another applicant in that admission cycle.

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Last Review Date


Revision History

July 2021, 4/1/2022