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Tips for Success as an Online Student

Successful online students communicate questions, organize a plan, prioritize activities and engage with the class to dedicate themselves to success.

If and when things feel overwhelming or you’re not sure what steps to take next, just remember: You can COPE!

Successful online learners know the importance of regular communication. Visual clues and body language are ways a face-to-face instructor determines if students are 1) present and 2) understanding the material. These clues are not available in online classes. The only way an online instructor can “see” you are present and understanding material is through regular communication. If you have questions or are struggling, make sure you communicate with the instructor in a timely manner.

Successful online learners understand the importance of organization, especially if they are registered in more than one class. Taking a few moments at the beginning of the class to review due dates of exams, assignments and other class requirements is essential to success. Knowing what is expected of you at the beginning will help you create an organized and realistic plan for the semester.

Successful online learners prioritize their activities to help stay on top of homework, reading and deadlines. Each week, create a prioritized to-do list including both academic and non-academic items. This will give you a snapshot of your week and help you not only stay on task but also manage your time.

Successful online learners engage with others and the course content. The more engaged you are with an activity the more likely you are to succeed. Online learning is no exception. Make the most of your time in class to connect with your classmates, the instructor and the course content.