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Meet Patrice Elmore, Boise State Master of Social Work Online Graduate

Patrice Elmore describes herself as a “military child, so I spent the majority of my life moving from place to place.” She considers Virginia to be her true home because it is the place where she received the bulk of her education—a high school diploma and a bachelor’s degree.

As Elmore completed the final semester of her undergraduate degree, she felt like she’d found her calling and desire to continue her education and earn her master’s degree. She explains,

“I felt like college was what I was supposed to do, but I wasn’t entirely sure of what my future would look like. However, in my final semester of undergrad, I took a class that was focused on Social Work and that is when I realized that I had spent the last four years getting two degrees that I was not eager to use.”

Finding Boise State

Fueled by her newfound curiosity about the study and practice of Social Work, Elmore began a search for online master degree programs. Boise State’s Master of Social Work Online  Program emerged as one of her top choices. “At the time, Boise State was among the top five as far as price, quality of education and no GRE [requirement] because my GPA was enough. Going to school at Boise State online would allow me to continue to advance towards my future professional goals and not be stuck in one place while doing so,” said Elmore. So she applied to Boise State’s Master of Social Work Online Program and started classes in Fall 2017.

Elmore reflects on her time as a Boise State Online student and shares that it was the collaborative structure and flexibility of the Master of Social Work Online Program that greatly contributed to her success:

“The way the program was structured (the many conference calls, video chats and group projects) made me feel like a regular student. I did not feel like I was missing out and I still had the opportunity to create bonds with my classmates. I was able to intern at a few different agencies where my professors would video call and get to talk to my agency field instructors about my progress, limitations and goals. This flexibility is what I loved most about Boise State Online.”

She also fondly recalls the important relationships she developed with her Boise State peers and faculty, “I had not expected to be so close with my classmates and professors at Boise State due to the fact that the program was online. However, I have gained lifelong friends from my cohort and faculty mentors that continue to check on me and provide guidance.”

Graduation and a Dream Job

Elmore graduated with her master’s degree from Boise State’s Master of Social Work Online program in Summer 2019. She now has a full-time job as a clinician and group coordinator at the place of her internship, a counseling agency in Louisville, Kentucky.

Patrice Elmore is pictured in a cap and gown alongside a family member.
Patrice Elmore (pictured). Photo by Kelci Lucier, Boise State University Extended Studies.

Although she continues to think of Virginia as her home and now lives and works in Kentucky, Elmore also found purpose and belonging in her online learning environment at Boise State University. “My Boise State family will always hold a special place in my heart and I am so thankful for everyone that I met along my journey!”

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Along with the Master of Social Work Online, Boise State University offers more than 55 online degree and certificate programs to help you make your educational dreams a reality–whether you need a bachelor’s degree, a graduate degree or a single, online class. For more information, visit Boise State Online.

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