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OPWL testimonial: Class of 2009-2010 testimonials

Prior to 2013, Boise State University’s online Master of Science in Organizational Performance and Workplace Learning (OPWL) was known as the Master of Science in Instructional and Performance Technology (IPT). This blog post contains testimonials from the classes of 2009-2010.


benjamin dumanBenjamin Duman, Class of 2009

The IPT program at Boise State was a learning experience that was second to none, and one that I will never forget. The curriculum was well organized as were the professors, instructors and support staff. There was never an instance that I felt alone or unsupported during my distance learning. The experience of completing my culminating thesis project allowed me to study a “real world” situation and devise possible solutions for the recognized performance gaps. Using the data acquired from my thesis, I was awarded a grant that funded the actual implementation of my proposed solution. Personally, the IPT program was a full circle experience.


Duman, B.**, & Martin, P. (2012, January/February). Reducting errant ordered radiology exams. Radiology Management, 341, 18-22.

Duman, B.**, Chyung, S. Y.+, Villachica, S.+, & Winiecki, D.+ (2011). Root causes of errant ordered radiology exams: Results of a needs assessment. Performance Improvement Journal, 50(1), 17-24.

Duman, B**, (2010, March). Root Causes of Errant Ordered Radiology Exams. PerformanceXpress Newsletter, March , ’10 issue.


Outstanding Graduate 2009

Other Accomplishments

Published “Reducing Errant Ordered Radiology Exams” in Radiology Management (2012)

Co-Author and Recipient of Research Grant From AHRA & Toshiba Medical (2009)


lori johnecheckLori Johnecheck, Class of 2010

Project Manager/Instructional Designer, Option Six
GP Strategies – Learning Solutions

As I wait for reviewer edits before submitting my culminating portfolio, I’m spurred to reflection. Wow! The portfolio exercise qualified how much skill and know-how I’ve acquired in a relatively short time. I’m so appreciative for the practical application –especially the opportunity to represent Boise State University in ISPI’s 2009 inaugural Student Case Study Competition. And, I look forward to positively representing Boise State during my professional career.

I’ll be candid: I was quite skeptical initially. On-line learning is not the first choice for driven learners who are relational and crave classroom interaction. But the advantage of not needing to uproot our young family of five, prompted me to consider this option.

I’m so glad I did!

I couldn’t be more pleased with the quality and value of BSU’s IPT program. The instructional quality exceeded my expectations and each semester I felt I received a top-notch graduate learning experience. In addition, you put “evidence-based” into practice from the admissions (Jo Ann!) to the logistical coordination (Linda B.!) to the technical support (Ron!).

I was even pleasantly surprised by the fact that I may have gotten to know fellow students better than in a traditional classroom setting. **Committing your thoughts to writing often prompts more careful consideration of the words you choose!**

I really would have enjoyed attending the department dinner and commencement ceremony in Boise. Please know I’m also appreciative of those “extras” like the pre-commencement dinner and meeting faculty and classmates at the annual performance improvement conference.

Thank you for all that goes into the success of the Instructional and Performance Technology program at Boise State!


Johnecheck, L.* (2010, June). HPT as Intermediary: Toward Competency as an IT-Management Liaison. PerformanceXpress Newsletter, June, ’10 issue.

Johnecheck, L.*, Baker, D.*, & Bellatorre, J.* (2009, August). Ready to Run? An evaluation of a northern Michigan Girls on the Run Program. PerformanceXpress Newsletter, August, ’09 issue.


Outstanding Graduate 2010


erica smithErica Smith, Class of 2010

Director of Instructional Design & eLearning
PF Chang’s

As a prospective student, you’re probably reading this as you try to determine if this degree is worth the investment in your time, money, and energy. Based on my experience, I would tell you that it absolutely is!

Like many, I sort of “fell” into my first role as an instructional designer. It didn’t take long for me to realize that if I was going to be a confident professional in this field there was a lot to learn, so I enrolled in the IPT (now OPWL) program at Boise State.

One of the (many) things that makes this program valuable is the focus on real-world, business application. As soon as halfway through the first class, I was already able to apply what I’d learned to make a positive impact on my organization, which helped trigger the first of many advancements in my career.

I was amazed at the program’s ability to create such a strong sense of community amongst those of us taking the program entirely online. Everyone involved in the program was so supportive and made me feel like a part of Boise State. I can’t speak highly enough of the professors, courses, students, and my overall experience!


Outstanding Graduate 2010