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OPWL testimonial: Class of 2003-2004 testimonials

Prior to 2013, Boise State University’s online Master of Science in Organizational Performance and Workplace Learning (OPWL) was known as the Master of Science in Instructional and Performance Technology (IPT). This blog post contains testimonials from the classes of 2003-2004.


janet emeryJanet Emery, Class of 2003

Director, Online Learning

I received a Business Management Degree in Computer Information Systems in 1996 and had to decide whether to pursue a MBA or the Masters in IPT degree. The management team at HP recommended that I complete the MBA, of course, but on the last day to submit the forms I suddenly changed to the IPT degree. I thought it would be more interesting and differentiate me from others.

Well, it has definitely been exciting. I’ve had the wonderful opportunity to work as the Director of eLearning for HP, and now as the Director of Online Learning for DIRECTV. These positions simply wouldn’t have been possible for me without the leading education I received through the IPT program. The instructors are among the top in the industry, and I was able to complete my entire degree online while maintaining a heavy workload and travel schedule. I especially respect my advisor Dr. Yonnie Chyung, for her advice and inspiration.

I am fortunate to have worked with and currently work with some of the top talent in this field, many of whom are also IPT graduates. We have received several eLearning awards from Brandon Hall and ASTD, and we look forward to contributing our own theories and models to this field. Thank you Boise State for having such a world class program, and such a fine set of instructors.


carlyn blakeCarlyn Blake, Class of 2004

Senior National Employee Development Manager
Key Bank National Association-Key College

The IPT degree transformed not only me but my entire department, because whatever I would learn in the online classroom one night, I began applying in the workplace the very next day.


Outstanding Graduate 2005


carol semmensCarol Semmens, Class of 2004

Business Process Analyst

The M.S. in IPT degree has helped move my career along in a way I had hoped. The HPT focus has given me a little edge over other ID types.

My husband with 20 years background in information services is amazed at all the traffic I receive for various contract and permanent positions. In fact, he has been working on an MBA to upgrade his skills so he can better compete out in the job market, like I apparently do. So, along with other aspects, the IPT MS has well exceeded any of my expectations and it is powerful.


david t henryDavid T. Henry, Class of 2004

Performance Consultant
L-3 Communication Systems Inc.

Command & Control Systems and Software (C2S2)
Engineering Services

The program taught me how to break processes down into digestible performance steps. I remember Dr. Stepich drilling me on an instructional design project when I was still trying to teach knowledge. He stressed that what you know is unimportant. What’s important is what you can do. Before the end of the class the light went on. I understood that it is the employee’s performance that makes money for the organization, not the knowledge in their head. From then on I continued to focus on performance and upon completing the M.S. in IPT I secured a position as a performance consultant. The degree was the lynch pin in my getting the position.


jodane christoffersenJodane Christoffersen, Class of 2004

Performance Consultant
L-3 Communication Systems Inc.

While I was in the program, my current employer benefited measurably through my attendance in the program. My entire portfolio was built on real projects that I completed for that employer including ROI analysis on learning programs and evaluation data that directed management’s decisions. Electronic support systems and Web Pages which I developed in the IPT program were implemented at the site as well.

After graduating, I was able to use my portfolio projects in an interview for a new employer. That project presentation earned me a new position with a new company. I used the combination of my work experience and portfolio work in the IPT program to co-write two articles for publication. Additionally, I was able to use my work from the IPT program and the portfolio I completed to obtain my ISPI CPT certification. And finally, everyday I use my knowledge from the IPT program in my current job.


mike boothMike Booth, Class of 2004

Manager of Learning Systems
Molson Coors

Since my graduation, I have moved from a learning developer to the Manager of Learning Systems for Molson Coors (World Class Manufacturing). The primary reasons are due to the well-rounded education from the IPT program. I embraced the HPT model and use it to develop the vision of our learning and development. I have educated our organization on the benefits of moving from training to performance-based intervention. This has given me the opportunity to apply my skills at a higher level (I now work equally with our manufacturing in the US, UK, and Canada-a big area of scope). My long-term goal is to have a World Class training infrastructure in each of our breweries (12+ breweries globally). I am the only person at Molson Coors with the knowledge from the IPT program, which has its advantages and disadvantages. But for now, its made me very valued and successful in the organization.