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Twelve study tips for making this semester your best

Student success materials like water bottles, folders and textbooks sit on a tabletop

A new semester holds new challenges and new opportunities for success. Boise State Online students Patricia Reay and Mark Homme sent us their tried and true methods for achieving academic success in the new semester.

Here are 12 tips to make this semester your best:

  1. Treat your schooling like another job
  2. Find your focus! Turn your phone off, unplug the house phone, and turn the TV off — minimize your distractions
  3. Make homework time a priority
  4. Be time conscious — if your professor says homework is due at midnight, they probably mean midnight; don’t start it at 11
  5. Get to know your syllabus — print it out and highlight the important things
  6. Add reminders to your phone for deadlines and due dates
  7. Do yourself a favor! Add notes to places that will help you remember — sticky notes on your bathroom mirror, a paper calendar; find what works for you and stick with it
  8. If you don’t get something, ask your instructor
  9. Understand the expectations of the class
  10. Know the due dates for discussion boards, modules and assignments
  11. Pay attention to the estimated time required for the readings and schedule your time accordingly
  12. Online classes are just as rigorous as those in person; plan to spend as much time and effort as you would for an in-person class


With a little bit of planning, you can balance your life with your online education and achieve success!

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Have a school tip you didn’t see mentioned? Let us know what you do to stay ahead in school!

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