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OPWL testimonial: Autumn Scisciani, class of 2018

Autumn Scisciani
Autumn Scisciani

Autumn Scisciani is a 2018 Organizational Performance and Workplace Learning (OPWL) graduate and recipient of the Professional Growth Award for students who have demonstrated exceptional professional growth during their time in the OPWL Program.

In 2014 as a full-time photographer and single mom, Autumn knew she needed a professional change that would allow for a more consistent schedule and benefits for her family, but still take advantage of her creative design skills and experience. She chose the OPWL program because she “fell in love with the idea of finding the best solution for the performance gap, whether that be training or non-training options (or both).” As a new student, Autumn approached the management team at her employer, Sonic Automotive, and “asked for any involvement possible so that I could learn from them, and I made sure to keep in contact while completing my coursework.”

After several internships and graduating with her master’s degree in 2018, Autumn was promoted to National Training and Organizational Development Manager for Sonic Automotive, a Fortune 300 company including over 100 car dealerships throughout the United States. In this position, she develops training, processes, and documentation for the new Subscription Services arm of the organization. Autumn explains, “I was hired for my position because of my education in analysis and my ability to use the tools and methods I was given in the program to isolate the performance issue and offer a varied range of targeted solutions. The program taught me to think outside the box and achieve real results that bring value to our team and the organization.”

Autumn has moved from industry outsider to a 6-figure national training management position in less than 4 years. She says “it’s all because of the knowledge and skills gained at Boise State. It has changed our lives and I’m so grateful!!”

At Sonic Automotive, Autumn has found people that value what she knows and continues to learn from them. She hopes to move into a director position in the near future and continue to grow professionally!