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New Boise State Online student Jessika Wass shares how she found an online degree program

Jessika Wass was ready to return to college and accomplish a life goal: earning a bachelor’s degree. With an associate’s degree in economics, a cosmetology license, and an established career, she already had many professional and life experiences. “I spent four years working and dreaming about getting my bachelor’s degree, and then the pandemic hit,” Wass explained. “It really shed light on the importance of getting that degree.”

Finding a degree created for adult students

Wass started to search for schools. But she was not an 18-year-old high school student. She wanted to find a program that catered to her needs.

“I found a description of the multidisciplinary studies program at Boise State and it said something about catering to adult learning — that sparked my interest,” Wass said. “Then I also read that they accept previous credits. That was huge because I was researching other universities, and I would have to retake a lot of classes. And then there was even more about the program: earning credit for internships, credit for prior learning, financial aid — I was interested.”

Boise State Online’s multidisciplinary studies program was created to maximize the impact of a student’s previous education and experience — all to expedite earning a bachelor’s degree. Our student success team helps with crafting a degree plan that meets the needs of each individual student.

Boise State Online has a team of people that care

So, Jessica Wass picked up the phone to learn more about Boise State’s fully online multidisciplinary studies program. She connected with Heather Ropelato, a student success coach for the program. As a success coach, Ropelato guides students like Wass through the admissions and financial aid process. “I hung up with Heather and thought, ‘Wow! They really care about me and my success as a student,’” Wass stated. “You would think that that’s how it would be at any university, but I applied to three universities before Boise State. I never felt that way until I had my positive experience with Heather.”

Boise State Online has a team of student success coaches dedicated to supporting you through the admissions process. As higher education professionals and Boise State Online program experts, coaches can help you find the right online class, certificate or degree program. 

Jessika Wass poses with her puppy.
Jessika Wass chose Boise State’s multidisciplinary studies program — moving her one step closer to earning her bachelor’s degree. Photo provided by Jessika Wass.

Wass also spoke highly of Brooke Dolecheck, her student success advisor, who guided her after she enrolled in the multidisciplinary studies program in the fall of 2020. Dolecheck is a part of a team of advisors who work one-on-one with Boise State Online students. Advisors help with everything from signing up for classes to academic success. Advising support is essential to the success of online students and begins from enrollment through graduation day. “Because of Brooke and Heather, I felt like Boise State cared about me,” Wass said. She enrolled in the multidisciplinary studies program in August 2020.

Looking forward to the future as a Boise State Online student

Jessika Wass has spent a full year in the multidisciplinary studies program since enrolling last fall. Thus far, “I’ve really loved every single class — it’s hard to choose a favorite,” she explained. She’ll share more about what she’s learned, the trials and triumphs of her first semester and her tips for success in a second blog post — coming soon.

Learn more about the multidisciplinary studies program at Boise State

The Bachelor of Arts in Multidisciplinary Studies (MDS) is an integrative degree program designed to help students creatively combine their ideas and experiences with new, interdisciplinary learning opportunities 1) to better understand context and discover new connections; 2) to create mindful, collaborative, and productive relationships; and 3) to become reflective and adaptive learners.

Ready to learn more? Contact a student success coach today!

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Note: The Multidisciplinary Studies Program name was changed to Interdisciplinary Professional Studies in April 2022.