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The Online MBA Program for Idaho Falls

In the land of opportunity, Idaho Falls is distinguishing itself as a boomtown. For ambitious and highly educated area professionals, the conditions for career success in the coming years look bright.

Idaho Falls Is an Attractive Business Magnet

In recent years, the city has become a regional hub for healthcare, travel and business in southeast Idaho. Idaho Falls has thriving retail, entertainment and restaurant sectors; a regional medical center; and growing funding available for small businesses. It is home to the headquarters of the United Potato Growers of Idaho and many small- to medium-sized corporations, including Press-A-Print International and Melaleuca, Inc.

Idaho Falls placed among MSN Real Estate’s “Ten Best Smaller Cities in America” for jobs, quality of life and cost of living. The Daily Beast rated Idaho Falls the #2 “Best City for Starting Over” and Forbes named it one of the “Best Small Places for Business and Careers.”

Idaho Falls also gets props for lifestyle, which drives business growth. For its proximity to national parks as well as its sports and recreation options, National Geographic named it one of “America’s Best Adventure Towns.”

Conditions Are Ideal for Business Growth

The recent business growth in Idaho Falls has been impressive, but the best is likely yet to come. The factors that drive company relocations within the United States are all in place:

  • Highly educated workforce.
  • White-collar jobs: 62 percent.
  • Largest retail trade area in the region.
  • Lowest power and utility rates in the region.
  • Supportive infrastructure with nearby interstate highway.
  • Low crime rate.
  • Excellent local hospitals and medical facilities.
  • Rich cultural life, including arts and museums.
  • Excellent sports and recreational opportunities, including national parks.
  • Lower cost of living — 11 percent below the national average.
  • Prime office space, including Taylor Crossing and Snake River Landing.

Business Growth = Demand for MBAs

Many employers seek applicants with a Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree when filling management and executive roles. A good program develops business acumen in finance, management, information systems, communication and even legal issues. MBA graduates have proven reliable in their ability to perform in challenging roles and rise through the ranks of corporate leadership.

Statistics Reveal the Value of the MBA

Companies look to MBA graduates to fill vital roles. According to GMAC’s 2016 Corporate Recruiters Survey Report, 88 percent say they plan on hiring recent MBA graduates. The median starting base salary is $105,000.

GMAC’s 2016 Alumni Perspectives Survey Report shows that graduates overwhelmingly believe in the importance of an MBA:

  • Most alumni say their MBA program developed their qualitative analysis skills (88 percent), quantitative analysis skills (84 percent) and helped them develop their leadership potential (80 percent) and expand their professional networks (70 percent).
  • Alumni earn a median of $2.5 million dollars in cumulative base salary over 20 years after graduation. This is $1 million more than if they did not go to business school and consistently earned 3 percent salary increases over 20 years.
  • 81 percent say their degree has increased their earning power.
  • 73 percent of alumni said their degree provided them with faster career advancement.
  • Accelerated 1-year, full-time MBA graduates received a median initial boost in base salary of $20,000 with an 8 percent compound annual salary growth rate.
  • Online MBA graduates received a median initial boost in salary of $10,000 with a 6.3 percent compound annual salary growth rate.

Boise State University Offers the Ideal MBA

Boise State’s online Master of Business Administration combines an accelerated program with online affordability. The AACSB-accredited program consists of 13 courses, which students can complete in as few as 12 months. Each course lasts seven weeks. This format minimizes time away from work or provides the flexibility to work while earning the MBA degree, making it equally attractive to companies and employees alike. The fully online curriculum offers a comprehensive education in areas including management, finance, marketing, communication and information systems.

With this new accelerated online MBA, prospective students can earn a U.S. News & World Report top-ranked Boise State MBA conveniently and affordably. The availability of this program is yet one more reason why many more employers may consider relocation to Idaho Falls.

Learn more about Boise State University’s online Master of Business Administration.