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“Essential Together” + 2021 National Radiologic Technology Week®

Providing patients with safe medical imaging examinations and radiation therapy treatments is the prime goal for the nation’s radiologic technologists. To recognize this essential work, we are celebrating National Radiologic Technology Week (NRTW) by sharing two student stories from Boise State’s Online Imaging Sciences Program:
Dave LaGuardia, Imaging Sciences Online Graduate
Jeremy Kovach, Imaging Sciences Online Graduate

Online Imaging Sciences at Boise State

The Online Bachelor of Science in Imaging Science (BSIS) is a flexible, affordable option with no in-person classroom or clinical requirements. You can complete your degree in as few as 12 months for only $395 per credit. Applications for the Spring 2022 semester are currently being accepted until December 1, 2021.

As Boise State Radiologic Sciences Professor Leslie Kendrick explains, “It has never been more exciting to be part of the field of diagnostic imaging sciences. The speed, resolution and sensitivity of our imaging methods continue to grow exponentially. Across disciplines, collaborative research with engineering, biology, physics and beyond is increasingly more common and leading to improved outcomes for our patients. As we celebrate NRTW, we take a moment to relish in the awe of our profession and continue our great work!”   

The essential work of imaging professionals since 1895

NRTW was created by the American Society of Radiologic Technologists in 1979. The event is celebrated each year during the week of Nov. 7, around the time German physicist Wilhelm Conrad Roentgen discovered the X-ray in 1895.  

Imaging professional examines machine.
Photo by Adam Eschbach, Boise State Extended Studies

Medical imaging and radiation therapy professionals work with some of the most innovative equipment in the medical field to help identify pathologies, plan and administer treatment and restore patient health. Radiation therapy professionals specialize in breast imaging, computed tomography, cardiac-interventional procedures, magnetic resonance imaging, nuclear medicine, ultrasound, radiation therapy and general diagnostic radiology.

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