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The Importance of Strong Writing Skills

If you are a business student or working professional, you can improve your chances of success in the business world by developing strong business writing skills. Earning a Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree may be the best way to combine your existing business experience with new skills to advance your career.

Benefits of Business Writing Skills

Successful business students and professionals are life-long learners. Those who keep up with changes in their industry stand better chances of advancing; many choose continued education to meet these needs, such as an online MBA program. Students in such a program have ample opportunity to sharpen writing skills that are so critical to success in a professional environment. The benefits of having strong writing skills at work include being able to communicate clearly and effectively with colleagues and clients, appearing polished and professional in email and other written documents, and being able to ensure quality in external or client-facing presentations and materials.

Businesses Value Strong Writing Skills

According to the AACSB International’s website, Dr. Stefanie Lenway, dean of the Eli Broad College of Business at Michigan State University, explains that one of the skills employers look for most is the ability to analyze data and articulate clear and meaningful conclusions based on that data.

She highlights that candidates who can find creative ways to explain their positions and support their ideas with solid evidence are useful in almost any department. Further, being able to communicate clearly both inside and outside an organization within the parameters of market branding and company philosophy means consistent messaging.

Many graduate schools, including Boise State’s online MBA program, emphasize the importance of writing skills through courses like “Managerial Communication.” Regardless where you end up in your business career, writing proficiency will be important.

A business-focused education, which includes writing for internal and external customers, can prepare you for future roles and responsibilities. Whether you are looking for convenience or simply need to save time, an online MBA program can accommodate your existing schedule while opening doors to future job opportunities.

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