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5 Career Options with a Resort Operations and Hospitality Management Degree or Certificate

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With Boise State Online’s all-new Resort Operations and Hospitality Management degree emphasis and certificate available within the College of Business and Economics, students can look forward to a thriving, continuously growing career field waiting for them after graduation. 

These new offerings will also bring local opportunities around the Gem State and beyond. Idaho resorts have expressed support for the resort operations and hospitality management programs and the impact on hiring and advancement of current employees. From Bogus Basin Mountain Recreation Area to Tamarack Resort, Boise State Online students can expect to enter a favorable job market in Idaho. According to the U.S. Department of Labor, Idaho’s leisure and hospitality sector is currently projected to add 5,900 jobs over the next two years — the second-largest job increase in any industry. 

As a part of Boise State’s online highly ranked programs, the Bachelor of Business Administration in Management can help graduates enter multiple, diverse occupations. And with Boise State Online’s Resort Operations and Hospitality Management degree emphasis and certificate, students can learn with the assurance their education will directly apply to their chosen career path. 

Resort Management

From lodging to food, HR to housekeeping, a resort manager oversees the company’s entire operation. With a role in resort management, you can expect to serve as a leader of multiple teams and divisions and use communication, marketing and accounting skills, all of which are covered in the Resort Operations and Hospitality Management program from Boise State Online. 

Guest Relations Management

As a guest relations manager, you can flex your communication skills to serve as the main point of contact between the resort and guests. Additionally, you will serve as a manager for other resort team members, including concierges and housekeeping. 

Restaurant Management

Are you looking for a more specialized career path in the world of culinary management? Restaurant managers need to have an expert understanding of not only quality food standards but food handling, safety and sanitation as well. Business expertise is also needed for restaurant managers, who oversee the pricing of menu items and the marketing of their location. 

Event Management

From booking venues to coordinating talent, event management can offer a fast-paced, public-facing career with plenty to offer. Events play an enormous role in a company or brand’s public image, requiring expert knowledge in marketing, communication and project management. 

Marketing and Public Relations

With the many business-focused classes taught as part of the Resort Operations and Hospitality Management degree emphasis and certificate, a career in resort- or hospitality-focused marketing and public relations would be an excellent choice. From customer segmentation to sales and leadership communication, graduates from Boise State Online can enter the workforce with confidence knowing they obtained the necessary skills to excel in. 

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