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Celebrating with the Class of Spring 2022

Jessica Finer

“I cannot believe this chapter has closed. Thank you Boise State OPWL for this journey. My OPWL educators, staff, and peers are people I will forever be thankful for; their knowledge, guidance, and support are things I will never take for granted.”

“I am excited to take all the acquired knowledge from the last 3 years to help drive change. My biggest take away, influence where you are.”

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Lorraine Frazier-Aich

“Boise State OPWL changed my life. The faculty, staff, and their individual networks have given me the secret key to the rest of my career. A whole community of brilliant minds are now my peers, my colleagues, and my mentors; my own personal Shangri-La crafted to cater to my intellectual hunger.”

“I never thought I’d earn a Master’s, but here we are. My heart and mind are full. I’m overflowing with gratitude for every contributor to my achievements.”

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Tasha Smagula

“Happy happy graduation day to all of the Boise State and Boise State OPWL graduates! I am so proud of the accomplishments we were able to achieve. I’ve learned over the last three years that it is so important to have a supportive network.”

“Thank you to the Marginalized and Cross-Cultural Research & Design Learning Tech Group (MarCC Lab) for the growth and all the wonderful OPWL colleagues I met there. A special thank you to Lorraine Frazier-Aich for being a great teammate this semester.”

“Thank you Jo Ann Fenner for getting me enrolled in the OPWL program a week before school started in the Fall of 2019. Thank you to all OPWL faculty but a special thank you to Lisa Giacumo, PhD and Seung Youn (Yonnie) Chyung. Seeing you both yesterday was such a highlight of my day!”

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About the OPWL Program

The Organizational Performance and Workplace Learning (OPWL) program helps prepare students for careers in the areas of instructional design, training and development, e-learning, workplace performance improvement, organizational development, program evaluation and performance consulting.

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