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Launch your online brand with Boise State’s social media creator certificate

Boise State University is excited to announce the launch of a new online social media creator certificate, beginning in fall 2023. This new certificate is designed for anyone wanting to define, develop and engage their brand with an online audience.

The social media creator undergraduate certificate was created for college students, intercollegiate student-athletes, eSports competitors and community members who want to locate and study an audience for their brand and develop a plan to engage and influence others in a crowded marketplace. Additionally, students will learn healthy and safe social media habits and practices that will help them develop their online brand.

Roger Munger, a professor in the Boise State Department of Writing Studies and NCAA faculty athletics representative, said the opportunity for students and athletes to capitalize on the use of their name, image and likeness (NIL) in the new certificate program will be unparalleled, thanks in part to the athletic department’s progress in that field. Boise State was named the nation’s Best Institutional NIL Program at the inaugural NIL Awards in June, 2022.

“This certificate provides students a quick start in understanding NIL opportunities and creating a content strategy that aligns with their values,” Munger said. “At its core, this three-course undergraduate certificate helps students create content that engages people, inspires action and makes a difference in their communities.”

The certificate will include three courses offered fully online, with no live participation required. Each course can be taken independently with no prerequisites. Two courses will be offered each fall and spring, and two summer courses will likely be offered starting in summer 2025. Students can start classes at the beginning of any session and complete their certificate within two semesters.

Students earning this certificate will leave with practical knowledge, skills and tools they can apply immediately. The social media creator certificate curriculum provides students with marketable workplace skills related to developing social media engagement and brand strategy, which can help improve their career readiness regardless of their career path.

What Classes Will be Offered?

The social media creator certificate is composed of the following three online courses.

Name, Image, Likeness

This course introduces students to key social media concepts, skills and tools for creating and delivering content that engages and persuades an audience. Students will also focus on developing strategies to identify opportunities for using name, image and likeness that are consistent with the brand and values.

Creating Digital Value

This class investigates leveraging digital technologies and services such as user analytics and search engine algorithms in the development of digital value. Students will practice implementing digital information strategies to create useful, relevant and engaging social media content.

Social Storytelling and Leadership

This course covers the ethical and effective use of storytelling on social media platforms for the benefit of a community. Students will practice identifying and using narrative elements to responsibly promote content that engages and inspires audiences. Topics will include characterization, thematic significance, identity development, types of content, shared purpose and brand voice.

The new social media creator certificate from Boise State provides students with the opportunity to learn the theory and applied skills of online social engagement. Ready to take the next step in your brand development?

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