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Boise State Online MBA eliminates GMAT/GRE application requirement

Boise State University’s Online Master of Business Administration removed the GMAT and GRE application requirement to reflect the program’s focus on student experience, promote equity and improve accessibility. This change takes effect immediately and prospective students are encouraged to apply without test scores.

The GMAT and GRE have traditionally been used as measures of student preparedness and potential success in graduate program applications. However, as Boise State and many other institutions have recognized, these tests are not always the best indicators of student ability and have removed testing from application requirements.

The Boise State Online MBA program removed the GMAT/GRE application requirement to prioritize student work experience, achievements and professional and academic goals over test scores. On average, a new Boise State Online MBA student brings nearly nine years of management experience to the classroom (although only two years of management experience are required to apply) — invaluable preparation for a graduate degree not easily reflected in a standardized test score.

No GMAT or GRE requirement also promotes equity and accessibility in the online MBA admissions process. Standardized testing entails financial and time burdens that disproportionately impact various groups of students. Evaluating applicants holistically and without these barriers empowers a broader range of students to apply and encourages greater diversity and inclusivity in the program. Boise State values a rich diversity of perspectives in the classroom and views it as a fundamental part of an online MBA education.

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