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Wendy Berkson’s journey of empowerment and advancement with Boise State’s flexible Online MBA

Wendy Berkson is a devoted wife, loving mother to a five-year-old daughter and an accomplished professional in the world of business management. Berkson’s career shifted into high gear due to her ambition and experience gained through Boise State University’s Online Master of Business Administration (MBA).

“I began my educational career with Boise State, first participating in a technical program and then completing my undergraduate degree with a Bachelor of Applied Science. I have now completed my master’s degree through Boise State’s Online MBA program,” Berkson reflected.

“I recently started as an IT Product Manager with PetIQ, a pet health-focused company. I started this job after finalizing my MBA, seeing an instant return on my efforts.”

Berkson’s journey is a testament to the transformative power of education, the unwavering support of mentors and loved ones and a commitment to lifelong learning.

Wendy Berkson sits in front of a laptop and smiles.
Wendy Berkson, Boise State Online MBA graduate, at PetIQ headquarters in Eagle, ID. Photo by Cassidy Myers, Boise State Extended Studies.

Choosing Boise State’s Online MBA: A Defining Moment

The decision to pursue an MBA was a defining moment in Wendy Berkson’s life.

“I always wanted to come back and get my master’s degree,” Berkson explained. “My husband one day, out of nowhere, just asked, ‘Do you ever think about getting your MBA?’ That was the little nudge I needed to start thinking about it again.”

Berkson sought a flexible online MBA that allowed her to manage her family and professional commitments and had a reputation for exceptional academic quality. Boise State’s Online MBA ticked all of those boxes.

“The online component is really important because, as a working professional and parent, it needed to fit my schedule,” Berkson emphasized. “So I found the form online, filled it out and got a response from a success coach right away. And that coach was amazing. He was so supportive and encouraging. And at no time did I ever feel pressure to commit to anything. It was really about making sure that this was the right decision.

Before I decided, I also spoke with several graduates of the same Online MBA program and was inspired by their experiences and how it positioned them for rapid career advancement. These conversations compelled me to take the steps in applying for the program.”

In addition to a challenging and relevant curriculum, the Online MBA introduces you to other professionals with significant work experience in various fields from all over the U.S. Building these valuable relationships with your peers helps you strengthen your professional network and can lead to career advancement opportunities.

Seeing the Connection Between Classroom and Workplace

Berkson applied, was accepted into the program and started courses soon after. The Online MBA offers 100% online coursework and access to courses and textbooks 24/7. Textbook costs are also included in the tuition amount. With six starts a year and seven-week courses, the convenient online format is designed specifically to suit busy schedules. While the seven-week course structure was challenging initially, Berkson found an invaluable silver lining. 

“The seven-week structure feels overwhelming on day one, but it did allow for a hyper-focused view of each course. I could take in a lot more through that seven-week process and really apply everything I was learning. Overall, I preferred the rapid pace of it so that I could focus on one course at a time.”

Berkson appreciated Boise State’s flexible Online MBA for its course structure and curriculum. 

“In the marketing class, we had to come up with a product that we needed to market to a group of individuals and determine a target market and demographics we were using. So it was an interesting group project that really allowed us to take on what we were reading about and apply it in a real-life setting,” she explained. 

Boise State’s Online MBA fosters a dynamic learning environment that challenged Berkson to apply theories and practices, honing her abilities as a professional and future leader.

Wendy Berkson stands at a podium and speaks to an audience.
Wendy Berkson credits Boise State’s flexible Online MBA with equipping her with new skills and knowledge to advance in her career. Photo by Cassidy Myers, Boise State Extended Studies.

Online Learning Doesn’t Mean You’re Alone

Beyond the engaging coursework, the program’s supportive community enriched Berkson’s experience. “I was able to meet new people and work with like-minded individuals who are really committed to getting the MBA. So it was a great experience overall,” she shared. The camaraderie and collaboration with peers further fueled her ambition.

Critical to Berkson’s journey was the unwavering support from academic advisors who played a pivotal role in guiding her through the program. “The academic advisors are amazing. Essentially, they were just there for you at any time you needed them or had questions about the track you were on and which classes to take as they rotated through,” she praised. This personalized support ensured Berkson remained on track and never felt alone on her educational journey.

The program’s focus on student experience and learning allowed Berkson to discover and engage in new business topics. “My favorite course, which surprised me, was the law and ethics course. I didn’t think I would be very interested in the subject. Still, the professor, Dr. Lingwall, was incredible, had an amazing presence and was super engaged throughout the seven weeks,” she said.

“I often seek opportunities to learn and feed my intellectual curiosity; this program provided that for me. The courses equipped me with new content and information that set me up for success in a variety of career paths. The new MBA emphases provide even more opportunities for incoming students,” Berkson said. 

Recently, the Online MBA added new emphasis options to help you customize your education and better align your academic experience with your professional goals and interests. Choose from construction management, healthcare leadership, management, marketing leadership, business analytics, finance or cyber operations. 

The Tremendous Impact of Higher Education

The Boise State Online Master of Business Administration includes reasonably priced tuition, ongoing support and financial aid and scholarship options to help students, including Berkson, reach their goals quickly and efficiently. 

“I did receive a scholarship and a discounted rate for the entire program, which was amazing,” she said. “Every little bit helps.”

As a first-generation college graduate, Berkson’s achievements hold profound personal significance.

“Being a first-generation college graduate makes me feel really proud. That accomplishment belongs to me and my family,” she said. “This degree opens doors to higher paying jobs, increased career mobility and numerous networking opportunities. It has also impacted me through my personal growth and learning.”

Berkson’s experience serves as a guiding light for those seeking a program that embraces flexibility, offers consistent support, fosters academic excellence and paves the way for a successful career. Boise State’s Online MBA opens doors to a world of possibilities.

“Higher education has transformed me, and I still believe it is one of the most effective pathways to growth and development,” she said. “I think about many of my group projects, my interactions with fellow students and the friendships I formed with classmates. It was all worth it!”

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