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Boise State Online is Boise State University: the impact of online education

In today’s rapidly evolving educational landscape, online learning has transformed how we pursue higher education. Online degrees are no longer a niche option; they’ve become a mainstream and respected path to earning a college degree.

Boise State University has been at the forefront of this movement, integrating online programs seamlessly into its educational ecosystem for more than three decades. In this article, we’ll delve into the nuances of online education and Boise State Online, shedding light on its equivalence with traditional in-person degrees and unveiling its unique advantages for adult learners and all students.

The Evolution of Online Education

Online education evolved from its experimental origins to a vital component of modern learning. ​​Around 60% of U.S. college students took at least some classes online in 2021, and 30% exclusively studied through this format (National Center for Education Statistics, 2021). Technological advancements and innovative instructional design have reshaped online learning into an effective and respected delivery method.

A graduate in a cap and gown hugs her child.
A Master of Social Work Online graduate celebrates with family at Winter Commencement. Photo by Cassidy Myers, Boise State Extended Studies.

Boise State University recognized the potential of online education early on, launching its distance learning programs as far back as 1989. This visionary approach allowed the university to extend quality education beyond geographical boundaries and have a tremendous impact on students in Idaho and across the U.S.

Nearly 5,500 Boise State students were enrolled in an online program as of the spring 2023 semester. The university awarded 1,810 online degrees and certificates from summer 2022 through spring 2023, making up 23% of all degrees awarded by Boise State. Boise State Online has empowered countless learners to enhance their careers and pursue their aspirations, embodying the respectability of online education.

Defining Boise State Online: More Than Just Recorded Lectures

Boise State Online isn’t just another online platform; it’s an authentic extension of Boise State University’s unwavering commitment to academic excellence. Unlike stand-alone online schools, Boise State Online is an integral part of the university, offering a comprehensive array of degree programs catering to diverse academic and career goals.

Boise State’s eCampus Center’s team of trained and highly qualified instructional designers work closely with Boise State faculty to develop online courses and curricula. The Center utilizes best practices and a collaborative approach to support the development of online offerings that maintain the high quality and integrity which students, faculty, staff and the larger community have come to expect from Boise State.

The Equivalence of Online Diplomas

An understandable concern among prospective students is the legitimacy of online degrees compared to traditional in-person credentials. Let’s address this concern unequivocally: Boise State Online degrees are conferred by Boise State University. Your diploma holds the same value, recognition and prestige as a diploma earned through on-campus studies and never includes “online” language.

The success stories of Boise State Online students testify to the credibility and stature of these online degrees, with students achieving remarkable career milestones across various industries.

Hear from Boise State Online students Wendy Berkson and Jessi Boyer in the following videos:


Videos by Adam Eschbach, Boise State Extended Studies

Why Choose Boise State Online?

High Support

Navigating the world of online education can be exhilarating yet challenging. Boise State Online understands the distinct needs of nontraditional adult learners and has established an unwavering support system for your success. This includes dedicated student success coaches who guide you through program selection and application, academic advisors who offer personalized guidance, online tutoring services and technical assistance. This comprehensive support ensures your journey mirrors the engagement and guidance of an in-person experience.

Intentional Design

Boise State Online courses are meticulously designed to immerse you in an engaging learning experience. Collaborating with expert instructional designers from Boise State’s eCampus Center, faculty members craft courses enriched with interactive elements, multimedia resources and assignments that nurture critical thinking. This purposeful approach guarantees an education that matches the depth and caliber of traditional classroom settings.


Balancing education with existing commitments can be demanding, but Boise State Online provides a solution. Online programs offer the flexibility to customize your learning schedule, accommodating work, family and personal obligations. This flexibility is tailor-made for adult learners, allowing you to pursue your degree without disrupting your life.

Added Diversity in Student Interactions

The online modality brings together a diverse community of learners from various backgrounds and locations. This diversity enhances discussions, introduces unique perspectives and encourages collaborative projects that mirror the dynamics of our interconnected society.

Are Online Degrees Respected? Debunking Online Education Myths

It’s natural to hold reservations about online education, especially if you’re accustomed to traditional classrooms.

However, the stereotype of online learning being isolating, less engaging or academically inferior doesn’t hold true at Boise State. Our online programs actively dispel these myths by promoting engagement, interaction and maintaining rigorous academic standards.

Sam O’Donnell, graduate of Boise State Online’s Bachelor of Business Administration in Management, shared how the program successfully prepared him for his project management certification, graduate school and finding a new job at the end of his military service. Hear his story in the following video:

Video by Adam Eschbach, Boise State Extended Studies

We Bring The Blue To You

Boise State Online stands as a testament to innovative education. Seamlessly integrated with Boise State University, our online programs offer learners accessible, respected and impactful pathways to a college education. The unique strengths of Boise State Online underscore its commitment to your success, ensuring that your online degree is a mark of distinction, respected, valued and on par with traditional diplomas.

As you embark on your educational journey, remember that Boise State Online isn’t just an online school or platform; it’s a gateway to realizing your aspirations from a respected and accredited higher education institution.

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